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Who Reads Applications?

2 minute read

Who will read your grant or fellowship proposal? This posts identifies some of the audiences who read your application and the questions they will ask.

Research Grants 101 for Arts Projects

4 minute read

Have you been looking for grants, fellowships, or awards that can be used to support artistic and expressive projects? This post presents a webinar from Dece...

When Should You Reach out to a Funder?

4 minute read

Speaking with a funder can be an effective way to see how your work best fits with current opportunities and priorities. This post offers pointers for how to...

Building Jekyll Site Pages with Python

7 minute read

After moving this site to jekyll, I developed a new python script to automatically generate individual pages for my teaching experiences. This post provides ...

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Arts & Humanities Grants: Beyond Fellowships

2 minute read

Researchers in the arts and humanities often seek support for their work through fellowships and other awards that support single investigators. But don’t fo...

Strategies for Arts & Humanities Federal Grants

6 minute read

Ever wondered how to apply for a federal grant to support your arts or humanities project? This post summarizes some of the current grant and fellowship prog...

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Career Diversity in Ethnomusicology

16 minute read

What paths might a career in ethnomusicology take? While teaching and research in academia are the most common, there are many varieties. This talk explored ...

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